Welcome to the Bleed

The Mohilar War is over, but out here on the edge of settled space, peacetime isn’t exactly peaceful. There are any number of threats waiting out in the dark, and some inside the hearts of the powerful or the powerless alike. Without the strength of the Combine to keep the peace, it’s up to laser crews to keep things from going over the edge.

Darkness Without, Darkness Within

Planets float like gems in the endless darkness of the void. For the surface-dwellers, it can be easy to forget that outside that thin shell of atmosphere is millions of miles of nothing at all. For a laser crew, the black is their home. Some can’t take it – all that nothing. It can overwhelm a sentient, drive them insane.

The dark within is far more insidious. It might be hiding in your neighbor, your lover, your local politician. It manifests in endless variations – but it’s your job as a laser to fight it. Most of the time, all you can do is pick up the pieces. Sometimes you can bring justice to the wronged or vengeance to the evil. Once in a while, you can stop the darkness before it strikes. But not often.

Ashen Stars: The Dark Within

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