Hamshi ("Ham")


Species: Durugh
Drive: Hotshot
Groundside Post: Face/Techno
Warpside Post: Wrench/Gunner


“Kids are the future, but today belongs to me” is how Hamshi sees the galaxy. There’s simply too much to not cut out a little piece for himself. Or a big piece, he’s not picky. But few will respect a Durugh. That’s why he became a Laser.

In his mind, the Durugh will never thrive while holding old grudges. Nor will they be respected groveling at other races to accept them. Choosing a path among the Combine and forcing your way down it until others are forced to respect your power is the what will bring the Durugh’s salvation.

Ham’s most important goal: Utilize the power of a laser to exert authority over influential people and organizations in the pursuit of his missions.
Altruism v. Selfishness: If asked, he says his pursuit of power is for the betterment of his people. But in reality, it mostly only ever goes to himself. Selfish

Hamshi ("Ham")

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