Ashen Stars: The Dark Within

S01E03 - The Justice Trade

A planetary distress call from a Balla pleasure world leads the crew to a nearly-deserted starship traveling at close to the speed of light. While attempting to prevent a deadly collision, they stumble onto a plot that threatens the future of the Kch’thk species.

Important species: Hivehoppers
Location: Cabochon
Important Characters: Ushir Windmere

S01E02 - The Forgotten Ones

The crew is tapped to find and arrest a Kch-thk who killed a public figure in broad daylight. Their investigation takes them from the shining streets of Rainwood City to the caverns occupied by the city’s homeless, where they uncover evidence of illegal nanotech experiments that seem to have driven the killer insane.

Location: New Greenvale

S01E01 - Mortem Ex Astra

A crew of Lasers investigates a murder on a resort planet. The strange circumstances of the man’s death lead them to investigate a cutting-edge particle physics laboratory, where they discover a deadly threat from a higher dimension.

Important species: Qu’rak
Location: Trea


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